Bay Ridge High School Class of 1948

78a-ELS outside with schoolmates at BRHS late 1940sStudents and friends from the Bay Ridge High School Class of 1948.

78a-ELS outside with schoolmates at BRHS late 1940s closeup

Emily Leatrice Serrapede, daughter of Sam and Josie Serrapede.  Member of the Class of 1948, Bay Ridge High School, Brooklyn, NY.

My Mom, the late Emily Leatrice Serrapede, had many happy memories of her time at Bay Ridge High School during the mid-late 1940s.  She always told me that her teachers did an excellent job in bringing out her best and inspired her to keep developing her skills in typing and shorthand.

Mom graduated in January of 1948 and left a large collection of photos to me which had been left to her by her mother, Josie Serrapede.  There are gaps in the knowledge I have about Mom’s senior year.  She did not talk about the Senior Prom although I have photos of her in her gown before leaving to attend.

I would welcome contact with any alumni who were in the graduating class of 1948 who want to share their memories of senior year and  prom night.  I have searched the archives of The Brooklyn Daily Eagle at the Brooklyn Public Library’s web site but have not found any mention of the prom or related activities for 1948.  If you are the descendant of an alumnae who attended Bay Ridge High School during the 1940s I’d also love to hear from you.

The Serrapede family lived on 65th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues in the 1940s.  If anyone reading this posting remembers the family I’d love to hear from you.  I am writing our family history at a blog my Uncle and I have at wordpress called, Through the Byzantine Gate-The Serrapede and Muro families from Agropoli to America.

If I get any responses I will feature them in a special posting later in 2017 or early 2018 when we plan to publish our series about Mom’s time at Bay Ridge High School.  Please share as much as you would like in the comments section.  Any help in identifying the young men and women in the photo would also be appreciated.


—EmilyAnn Frances May